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Entry #1

Hey, What's up!

2011-01-22 15:46:26 by Cleverhill


Finally I got a NG account. About time!
First of all, I'm a (soon) 20 years old guy from Norway. Dan Cleverhill is my name, and my equipment, at the moment, is just a PC with FL Studio installed. Later I'll get a mac pro and continue making music in logic.

AND, sorry for my English. I'm sure you'll find something grammatical wrong in my text - although I at least hope you understand me.


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2011-01-22 17:38:37

Welcome to NG

Cleverhill responds:

Thanks! :)


2011-01-23 03:14:42

Welcome to Newgrounds! Good luck in the Orchestral NAC! :D


2011-02-14 20:27:53

Welcome to NG :)

Congrats on NAC!


2011-07-28 20:40:15

Your english is extremely understandable, my friend, and your music is amazing. It is hard to describe in words.
You are incredibly talented, I am looking forward to hearing more from you :D